Health First Network

Your trusted neighbourhood nutrition source

The Health First Network is a Canadian association of independent health food stores. It was formed to bring Canadians high-quality natural health products and knowledgeable service, all at reasonable prices. This nationwide group of retailers has the bulk purchasing power to buy products at substantial savings, giving you, the consumer, great savings. At the same time, its members can maintain their independent identities local customers have learned to trust. The Health First Network creates flyers and newsletters for its member stores to provide consumers with up-to-date information.

Health First Products

The Health First Network produces its own private-label line of vitamins and supplements. Health First private label brand products are manufactured at a certified GMP-approved (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility, using premium ingredients and great care. (GMP is a federal government standard for natural health products; click here to see Canada’s GMP guidelines.) All Health First products are tested to ensure potency, purity, and safety.

The Health First label assures you not only of the highest quality, but also of great value.

Click here to learn more about the Health First Products.

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