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Vita Health’s Preferred Customer Program

What is the Vita Health Preferred Customer Program?

As a preferred customer, every time you make a purchase at Vita Health using your phone number your purchases will be recorded. Once you reach $200.00 on regular priced supplements and health and beauty purchases you will automatically receive a $10.00 savings off your next purchase. No coupons, no hassles!

Is there a membership fee?

Membership in Vita Health’s Preferred Customer program is free. Simply provide us with your name, phone number and additional contact information at the till and you will automatically become a Preferred Customer.

Are there other benefits to being a Vita Health Preferred Customer?

By becoming a Vita Health Preferred Customer, you will be eligible for special promotions we will have throughout the year and receive savings, product and health information via mail or e-mail. In addition, each month we hold an electronic draw and give away a gift basket to one lucky Preferred Customer who shopped that month.

Privacy Act

For your convenience, we will link your purchases to your home telephone number. Your number is personal information and is considered private. It will be protected in accordance with our Privacy Act. Information will not be sold or given to anyone. It will not be used for any other purpose than the Vita Health Preferred Customer File. For more information please contact our Privacy Officer 204-984-9561.


A tradition…
Our stores have a long-standing history of respecting the rights of our customers. We are committed to the development of policies, procedures and service offerings that maintain those rights.

The management of Vita Health has created a Privacy Commitment and appointed a Privacy Officer. You are entitled to contact the Privacy Officer at any time about a privacy issue or concern. Through these actions, what has been our accepted practice becomes our documented commitment to you, our customer.

We only collect what we need…We hold personal information about customers, which can include your name, address and age. We only collect this information from you to understand your needs and to develop, offer and manage products and services that meet those needs.

Role of the Privacy Officer…The Privacy Officer is responsible for monitoring information collection, data security and ensures that all staff is aware of their responsibilities under the Privacy Commitment.

The 10 Principles of our Privacy Commitment

1. Accountability – We have designated a Privacy Officer who is accountable for our compliance with the Commitment.
2. Identifying Purposes – Before or at the time we ask you for personal information, we will identify the purpose for which it will be used.
3. Consent – We require your knowledge and consent for the collection and use of personal information.
4. Limiting Collection – The collection of personal information is limited only to the purposes we’ve identified to you.
5. Retention – We will only retain your information as long as necessary to fulfill identified purposes.
6. Accuracy – We will keep your information accurate, complete and up-to-date.
7. Safeguards – We will protect your personal information with appropriate safeguards.
8. Openness – We will make specific, understandable information readily available to you about our personal information policies and practices.
9. Individual Access – When you request it, we will give you access to the existence, use and disclosure of your information. You are entitled to question its accuracy and completeness, and its uses.
10. Challenging Compliance – You are entitled to question the Privacy Officer about our compliance with any of these principles.

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