Customer Testimonials


Today I was in your store in Westwood for the first time and just wanted to let you know that the customer service I received was absolutely amazing. Each and everyone one of your employees had a big smile and were so friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing inside and so welcoming. I could have stayed there for several hours going up and down isles looking at all the amazing products you sell but I was on a time schedule and had to leave.
Will definitely spread the word on what a great store Vita Health is!

Thanks once again for such great service, keep it up!

Growing up as one in a family of seven people, money was always carefully considered. Good health was important to us and Grandma bought good quality supplements from the Vita Health store nearby. This began a good life long relationship with Vita Health for the whole family in buying their quality products for achieving and maintaining optimal health as the years continue. I’m 49 years old now.

– Ingrid Porcher

My favourite Vita Health memory, by far, took place last year. I had a dentist appointment and upon arrival, was told that my appointment had been pushed back because of an emergency drop-in. I was very discouraged as I had to work later that day and decided to walk over to my favourite Vita Health store down the strip to see what was new. I was a little hungry so I began to browse the bulk section when I found the greatest find… ever. Rasberry yogurt covered pretzels. Ever since, I’ve been addicted and make sure to stop in and grab a few when I have the chance. Thank you for providing such delicious products!

– Katherine

I like Vita Health for so many reasons. The store is clean, there is someone to help you and share information with. Just lately I was diagnosed with a condition where I must be on top of my fiber intake and ensure of my output. I was scared because I had an attack that sent me to the hospital in more pain that I can ever have. I went to a Vita Health store and openly told the ladies of my condition and what I had to do and they always set me on the path to understanding.

– P. Parisien

I wanted to share my story (and my thanks) with Vita Health (especially the staff in your City Place location never have there been nicer, more knowledgeable ladies!!) After getting a 5 year Communications degree in 4 years, and having gained 30 lbs in the process, I moved out of my parents house and out on my own. I decided that this year was going to be the year I got myself back on track, mentally and physically. I started making changes in my life, and one of them was to switch to as many all-natural products as I could. Thanks to Vita Health, I’ve gone to all-natural shampoo, toothpaste, household cleaners, nutritional supports (helping me get my weight and sleep back on track) and more. I feel better about the impact I’m having on the environment, as well as the impact on my own body. So thank you, Vita Health, and happy 75th birthday! Kindest regards and warmest wishes,

– Laurie McDougall

A repeat experience I had a few times over many months: I would walk in the Assiniboine Forest for my health, then stop at Tuxedo Vita Health to buy food for my health. I would chat with Deborah (and feed for my emotional health) and I would leave feeling so content and aligned and grateful for store in so many different areas of Winnipeg. And great staff who are always willing to search, educate/inform, support and encourage and empower customers! Way to go 75 years and going strong!

– Sue Hemphill

My still young mother’s sudden death in 1974 prompted my life-long dedication to healthy eating and vitamin intake. Every month since, we have come to Vita Health for supplies and information. I remember one winter Saturday afternoon at the Osborne Vita store. Think it was the only Vita Health store in Winnipeg. As I searched the shelves, Vita’s founder and owner, Dr. Seier came by to ask if he could help. I noted that I had this penchant for pastry and was looking for alternatives. With a twist of shoulder and dismayed eye, he said, “Pastry?! That’s terrible stuff! All that butter!” His words have bellowed in my consciousness, and to this day, I use olive oil instead of butter.

– R. Engbrecht

My daughter has a condition where she is allergic to quite a lot of chemicals. She was always itchy or medicated. We found homeopathy and Vita Health and now all is better and she is non-medicated!

– S. Klassen

I love Vita Health. Everytime I visit Vita Health I find something new to refresh my mind and body.

– Charlene Currie

I love the freshness of the products at Vita Health. It’s a great store to get healthy alternatives in one place. I will always shop at Vita Health!

– Kristin Eapen

The staff at my Vita Health Store (Osborne) are genuinely friendly. They are knowledgeable and helpful and also professional and discreet when I need to discuss delicate issues.. Like, say, my plumbing.

– D. Wall

What I love about Vita Health is it really has a good balance of everything I need at a reasonable price which keeps me coming back! Vita has always been a staple for me ever since I was a little child.

– Natalie Marcoux

In December I came to Vita health and was directed to some great pills that saved my life. The girl that helped me was Pattie. I even came back to thank her. She is wonderful.

– J. Parkhill

The manager and staff are the most helpful & knowledgeable. I always get a reliable answer to my questions. They are the BEST!

– Geri McDonald

I like the veggies and fruit in the store. Also the friendly staff. I also like that the staff phones other stores to see if something is in stock!

– Marita Rasing

I lived in California for 10 years and enjoyed a health conscious lifestyle. Vita Health has been great allowing me to continue with a healthy life!

– Stephen Kalbaba

It was the first time I walked into a Vita Health and was amazed at all the fab products I could get in lil old Winnipeg. I lived in London, England and Israel for a few years and they were so advanced in alternative health care. I used it there and stocked up on my return. So happy to know I could find the same kind of shop in Winnipeg!

– Brenda

My first visit to the store with my 3 year old daughter, the clerk offered us a free apple and even washed it!

– Sima Feuer

I enjoy shopping at Vita Health. Everyone is pleasant, helpful and cheerful. A very nice, clean place.

– Florence Squire

I am so amazed by the service – its fabulous. My condition is life threatening and I get all the patience and information everytime I come. Rose never hesitates to order new products.

– S. Schell

Nice products, nice people, great local shop. The bread is always fresh and so natural!

– Jesus Miguel

I found out I am gluten intolerant. Vita Health has helped me make the transition.

– Maurice Jegues

I have been shopping at Vita Health since 1995. Since then, I have changed my diet lifestyle to organic vegetarian. I bought my 1st juicer at the Osborne St. location in 95.

– Drinda Poustie

I always thought Vita Health just sold vitamins and herbal products, so I never shopped there. In 2009 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and decided to take better care of myself. That’s when I entered a Vita Health store and realized they sell anything and everything for your better health.

– D. Graham

We shop here for the wonderful organic food, and to be served by knowledgeable, happy people.

– Tony Starkey

One of my favourite memories is coming to the morning breakfast that Vita Health puts on once a year and finding some close friends there. It was a heart-warming sense of community.

– Debora Haliburton

My favourite thing about Vita Health is realizing that I can support local businesses, buy natural and healthy things within a 5 min BIKE ride from my house. Love Vita. P.S. Love your sales.

– Julia Carreiro

Our 3 and 6 year old boys LOVE coming to Vita Health at the Garden City location. The staff not only look after our best health interests, but also shows care for our boys.

– Wayne & Shauna Poloway

I have been shopping at Vita Health since my early 20s; I’m nearly 60 now. The staff has been, and is, so helpful in suggesting products or helped find what I needed.

– Lorraine Lichacz

I have been shopping at Vita Health for a number of years. I love the service I get and the knowledge the staff shares with me.

– Frances Pulscher

Recently I visited the Garden City area Vita Health store to purchase a product. The sales lady made a welcoming & knowledgeable impression. I will return to this location for my future purchases. It was nice to see help service in this crazy fast pace world which we live in today. Sincerely,

– Anna Gunn

My name is Patricia Thomson, and I have been a happy Vita Health customer for over 30 years. I was only in my teens when my mother and I would visit the store that she loved to spend time in, checking out all the regular products, and always to see what was new. We lived more than an hour a way from Winnipeg, and she was the one in our neighbourhood that people would come to when they weren’t feeling well. Besides her home remedies, she would often suggest an item from Vita Health, and therefore was able to help many people with their health concerns. Today, I continue the tradition, along with my eight siblings who think of Vita Health first when a health concern arises. Excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and products that consistently work are the reasons Vita Health remains a regular part of our lives, and the reason we have recommended your services to many friends and relatives. Thank you for your consistency and faithfulness in delivering dependable alternative health care information and products that improve the life of countless individuals. Congratulations on 75 fantastic years!

– Patricia Thomson

Although I have only recently started shopping at Vita Health, I appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable assistance from the staff. The new location on Osborne St. in Winnipeg is clean and well organized. I look forward to shopping there again.

– Diane Mensing

I love walking into a Vita Health store. There is a wholesome smell and feel that greets you at the door and lingers through your stay. I especially like perusing the beauty products, like the soaps and cosmetics, and making selections that I know will not compromise my health. There are an alarming number of harmful ingredients in most beauty and bath products that you buy off the shelf of a typical retail store; when I buy makeup and skin care products at Vita Health, I know I am taking steps to protect my physical well-being. I also love scooping up specials like coconut milk ice cream (to die for!) and stevia, a sweet and healthy alternative to sugar. Vita Health, you rock! Sincerely Submitted,

– Liz Kornelsen

I wanted to submit my entry to let you know that I love Vita Health and it has now been a part of our family for the last three years. I was introduced to the store by a co-worker after I moved to Winnipeg. She introduced me to the various beneficial products that you carry. When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year, I had to find alternatives to many items that I had to remove from my diet. Your store provided many alternatives such as plain almonds, sugar free chocolate and candies, baked chips, and various spices. I really appreciate the items that you carry in your store and frequently shop there. Thank you Vita Health. I look forward to seeing and trying new product lines that you introduce into your store.

– D. Samuel

I visited your store recently in Winnipeg at City Place, and was astonished at the diversity and quantity of interesting products you have in your store. I thought your chain was just a health store, but it is so much more, and your staff was so helpful. Thank you!

– Dianne Sylvester

Why I love Vita Health… because it makes me feel fantastic!!! I’ve never felt better. I’m full of energy, vitality and life. I encourage everyone to live a healthy lifestyle.

– Alicja Szarkiewicz

My Vita Health story begins with my first visit to Vita Health in City Place, Winnipeg, many years ago. I wasn’t sure what health products were all about and was overwhelmed with the products that Vita Health had, but wanted to learn more. I kept visiting the store, trying different products, and finding out that the staff knew the answers to my questions. I became hooked… And then… I started working in Osborne Village and Vita Health is next door to my workplace. Joy set in and I became the frequent customer, learning staff names, meeting the manager and understanding the value of products to use. It was then that I meat Margaret. She is the true gem of the store, she alway shas this kind way about her and no matter what problem you have or if you are having a bad day, she makes you feel better. Margaret has helped me with many situations, even the fiber question you don’t want to ask or any other female thing. It is so comforting to know that someone really care about you and your concerns. All the staff is great at the Osborne Village location, but Margaret has listened to me on bad days, hugged me on some good ones and been there to listen always. So my story ends with hats off to the staff at Osborne Village and a big thanks for making an impact on my life! Thanks Margaret for being you.

– L. Caldwell

Your store is a “one stop shop”! Plus, I love the variety of child friendly products.

– Glen Lewis

Vita Health is my go to place in my neighbourhood for organic food – so important for maintaining good health.

– Vera Matwichyna

I first started coming to Vita Health when I developed some health problems in 1996. The staff were so helpful and friendly. I feel like I am part of the family when I come in.

– J. Wiens

I love that you carry nut-free products like Enjoy Life! Nut-free can be hard to find. I appreciate that you carry specialty products.

– Sharene Gilchrist

My favorite Vita Health Memory is how I came to find Amy’s refried beans. My coworker had a stroke and we made a committment as a group to eat healthier snacks. No more chips. I found a recipe for a great healthy bean dip. But then started looking at the ingredients and found that the sodium in the most popular refried beans was in the danger zone. I went to Vita health to try to see what they had. I found Amy’s black refried beans. There were so healthy and the taste was outstanding. It is now a favorite for our work team and so began the start of a beautiful friendship between myself and Vita Health.

– Colleen Witwicki

I love Vita Health because when my newborn son was born he was allergic to dairy. Since I was breast feeding, I could not eat any dairy. I walked into Vita Health knowing nothing about the products, and by the time I left the store I had three bags full of food and knew so much about what you offer. I recommend your products to everyone I know who has allergies or who just wants to eat healthier. Thank you so much for the help over the years! I am a faithful customer and will be for many years to come!

– Jasmine Georgeson

It is wonderful to have a family owned local company that has been around for so many years. I have been a customer since the late 70s and appreciate the caring, informative people that help make shopping such a positive, healthy experience.

– Donna Wells

My favourite part of Vita Health was discovering a fresh supply of vegetables which were certified organic and non-GMO!

– Gisele Bechard

Our son was given the wrong prescription by our pediatrician. He was 6-years-old at the time. The pharmacist said it was an accidental adult dose. Our son broke out in a bad rash. The staff at Vita Health helped us find Vitamin C crystals and saved his life.

– Brian Skymko

My favourite story about Vita Health is when there was a store just off Portage Avenue in the 1980s. Dr. Seier was there giving remedies on a Friday evening. I was very ill and appreciated his help!

– Judy Bartlett

I love Vita Health because the products I see in magazines are always in stock. Vita Health is always on top of the latest research and products and ready to assist clients to make the right selections for their health.

– L. Baziuk Soholt

I love that Vita Health Fresh Market provides me with Fresh To Go items. It makes healthy eating on the run so much simpler. I love that I can stop in and grab a delicious taboulleh salad or bison wrap instead of resorting to traditional unhealthy meals on the go.

– Anonymous

We love to shop at Vita Health at Garden City as we know the staff. They have been there with us through two pregnancies & four years of parenting. They provided advice on the best natural products for our family.

– Kris Antonius

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